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I have a new found love for Zara. I’ve seen people blog and talk about it, but I always sort of attached it with the idea of Forever 21 meets H&M. Not to say I’m a snob or that I always have to be a high end shopper by any means!

Well, after walking around for about five minutes I was hooked! They have tons of polka dots, bright colors and whites. I was over whelmed with things to try on! 

After taking a new pictures in the dressing room, I ended up loving a polka dot blazer and black leggings (kinda boring but workable with tons of items). 

The first picture is a side shot of the blazer and leggings. The second shot is a picture with my jacket (Madewell) and shirt (T by Alexander Wang) and the Zara leggings. 

Today I am leaving LA to go back home to San Francisco. I guess they are both considered my home since I travel between both places quite often.
I like getting a taste of both fashion worlds, as SF seems much more free and expressive than LA.
Any who, I am looking into taking Fashion Marketing classes in San Francisco. I hope one day I will either be bicoastal or bicity… if that’s even a word. But from the Bay to La I guess you could say.
Until then, I am trying to give a taste of both cities while I’m at it.
See you up north!

Love how simple but intricate this look is. 

Love how simple but intricate this look is. 

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